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Mogambo Coffee Mug

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The mug that makes you say "Insert Name Khush Hua"...

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We have all grown up surrounded by Bollywood and it's eccentricities. And we all know, but hardly care to admit that Mr. India is always going to be better than the Invisible Man, any given day. This movie has gone on to become a favourite to million s of Indians with it's rib tickling comedy, iconic characters, song-dance sequences, and Mogambo - the villain we all love to hate. So why should you buy this mug, you're asking? Well because I know that all of you turn into regular Mogambos every morning when you wake up and until you've had your daily cuppa. Now make that experience a really comic one when the coffee wakes you up and makes you happy and your mug proudly announces "Mogambo khush hua!" And everyone knows now, not to mess with you until you've put your mug down. It's a win-win really.